Why Volunteer

I've been a member of ASID since college. My membership has allowed me to advance in my career and I believe that my opportunities to volunteer within the association have strengthened my skills. For those of you who have ever volunteered - you know of the great satisfaction that it brings. Other benefits to volunteering include:

  1. Can improve job opportunities
  2. Contributes to your health and well being as well as sense of self-worth
  3. Improved interpersonal skills, such as communication, understanding people better, motivating others, and dealing w/difficult situations
  4. Great way to learn or develop a new skill 
  5. Gives you motivation and a sense of achievement
  6. Can boost your career options or try out a new career

I want to encourage everyone to participate in one of the several fundraising events that are in the works for the coming months. Some are fast approaching and we always appreciate all the help we can muster! One of the first fundraising events for our current community project, Grace Centers of Hope, is the upcoming Spring Fling.

Another way to begin is to attend one of our monthly Industry Nights - we get together with design professionals and industry reps to network and unwind. The Industry Nights are held on the second Tuesday of the month. Be sure to check our event calendar for all the upcoming opportunities to get involved!

Eileen Minna
Financial Director, Michigan Chapter of ASID